*Whew* Instagram TV Is Here, Just In Time

Ever since Snapchat arrived on the scene, Instagram has been laser-focused on destroying their hip new competition. That campaign seems to have been successful because after copying Snapchat’s stickers and stories features, Instagram has just crossed the threshold of 1 billion active users. To celebrate, they’ve set their sights on a new target: YouTube. Today,…

Don’t Force Close Your Apps

I have a friend who is very particular about things. She takes her coffee a certain way, eats a certain way, and uses her phone a certain way. She, like many of us, is concerned about battery life on her phone. She, like many of us, is concerned about performance. So, she, like many of…

Pixel Buds Review

Are these buds for you? Google’s hardware push continues this year with new Pixel phones, an expansion to the Google Home line, updated Daydream VR headsets, and a set of wireless headphones. Yes, Google is vying for a spot in the crowded Bluetooth headphone market, using Google Assistant integration as the headline feature. Are the…

All About Chrome OS

You are no doubt aware of Windows and MacOS, the two most well-known computer operating systems from Microsoft and Apple. What you might not know is that Google also has a computing platform called Chrome OS. Let’s dive in and learn more about what Chrome OS is and how it stacks up against the competition….

How Essential Is Essential?

Update 11/14/2017: Essential has released Android Oreo as a beta. More information can be found here. Essential is Relative This is the Essential phone. There is a reason why I haven’t posted about this before in the past and it’s the first thing I’ll mention in this review: the price. This phone debuted at $699….