iOS 11.2 – You’re Going To Want To Download This Update

iOS update keeps up with the time(s)

If you happen to use an iOS device running iOS 11 and you have daily alerts or repeat reminders, you might have noticed that your device has been crashing since Saturday. A bug in iOS 11 affected certain devices after 12:15 am, December 2nd, causing soft-reboots and system crashes when any app set with a daily notification was triggered. Upgrading to iOS 11.2 resolves this issue.

Apple had originally released a support document with a workaround. However, since the workaround involved manually turning off notifications for affected apps is cumbersome and annoying, it’s good to see Apple pushing a fix as quickly as possible. However, iOS 11.2 also brings some other goodies to the party, including Apple Pay Cash and updates to Qi wireless charging.

For the uninitiated, Apple Pay Cash was announced a few months ago and allows for peer-to-peer payments via iMessage. This is similar to other services like Venmo, but Apple Pay Cash is directly integrated into iOS. Apple Pay Cash is currently US-only and not all 11.2 devices have it yet – it seems to be rolling out to devices over the coming week.

If you happen to have an iPhone 8/8Plus/X, iOS 11.2 also includes updates to Qi wireless charging, now enabling 7.5W fast charging. Compatible Qi-based accessories are required for this to work, however.

If you’re running iOS 11 and seeing issues with app crashes, go ahead and grab the update.

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  1. Ashley Kanji says:

    This new update also allows direct QR code scanning without an app ; )

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